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Guest Talk by Prof. Gerhard Fischer

On behalf of the Munich Center in the Learning Sciences (MCLS) and the REASON program we are happy to announce the upcoming guest talk on the topic of interdisciplinary collaboration

10.11.2016 at 10:00 

Prof. Gerhard Fischer
(University of Colorado, Boulder)
Topic: Interdisciplinary collaboration
Thursday 10.11.2016 from 10:00 c.t. to 12:00 in Room 1305


Almost all of the significant problems of tomorrow will be systemic problems, which cannot be addressed by any one specialty. These problems require transdisciplinary collaboration that focuses on opportunities for knowledge workers to work in teams, communities, and organizations that encompass multiple ways of knowing and collaborating. Many real-world problems have become too complex to solve for a single expert out of one discipline. The knowledge relevant to solve complex problems is increasingly distributed among many people requiring socio-technical environments that bring together people with different, complementary, and often-controversial points of view to form a community.