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Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Kenneth Kiewra

The SOAR Method for Learning and Instruction

13.07.2015 16:00  – 17:30 

The Munich Center of the Learning Sciences extends a warm invitation to the guest lecture held by Prof. Dr. Kenneth Kiewra.

July 13 from 16.00 – 17.30, Room 1209

Abstract: Students commonly employ ineffective learning strategies, which produce low achievement, such as (a) taking incomplete notes, (b) failing to organize notes or doing so in an outline fashion, and studying notes in a (c) piecemeal, and (d) redundant way. Instructors can offset these ineffective strategies and help students SOAR to success by helping students Select important ideas, Organize them, Associate them, and Regulate learning. This presentation overviews the SOAR method that Dr. Kiewra developed and presents the research findings and theory that supports it.

Event Official Invitation