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Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. David W. Shaffer

Measuring Complex Thinking

12.10.2015 at 18:00 

The Munich Center of the Learning Sciences proudly presents a guest lecture:

Prof. Dr. David W. Shaffer
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Topic: Measuring Complex Thinking

Monday, 12. October 2015, 18:00 (s.t.) till 19:30 Uhr

Leopoldstr. 13, Raum 2402

Abstract: Learning in the 21st Century means thinking in complex and collaborative ways. It means more than learning and reciting simple facts, or practicing basic skills. Experts in almost any domain understand how to connect their knowledge and skills, and how to use what they know to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. But if we want to teach students to think in sophisticated ways, we need to be able to assess complex thinking -- to measure how a person connects skills, knowledge, values, and ways of making decisions. In this talk, Professor Shaffer describes Epistemic Frame Theory, a view of complex thinking for the 21st Century, and Epistemic Network Analysis, a powerful measurement tool that can measure complex thinking from records of student discussions, email, and action online. The result is an approach to learning and assessment that goes beyond basic facts and skills to look at how students solve real problems individually and in groups.