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2nd Interdisciplinary REASON Spring School 2018 - A success!

Advances in measuring scientific reasoning and argumentation


The 2nd Interdisciplinary REASON Spring School 2018 took place from March 5th to March 7th 2018. The scientific program included workshops and keynotes in the field, as well as a symposium. All presentations and discussions addressed diverse perspectives on current directions and advances in the measurement of Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation.

The REASON team was joined by 30 external doctoral candidates coming from three continents and 12 countries. The event brought together around 70 participants in total.

We were very thankful to welcome a number of outstanding experts: Rainer Bromme (University of Münster), Michelene (Micki) T.H. Chi (Arizona State University), Wolfgang Gaissmaier (University of Konstanz), Eileen Gambrill (University of Berkeley), Hansjörg Neth (University of Konstanz), Kurt VanLehn (Arizona State University) and Simine Vazire (University of California, Davis).

The doctoral and postdoctoral participants presented their current research projects in three poster sessions and used the opportunity to engage in active discussions about their work. Scholars and experts also had the opportunity to talk about research issues in more informal settings at the Get Together on Monday 5.03.2018 at HeimWerk and the Spring School Dinner on Tuesday 6.03.2018 at the Bavarian Restaurant zum Spöckmeier.

A highlight of the event were the Roundtable Discussions on Wednesday 7.03.2018. Over lunch, nine spring school professors held informal meetings with small groups of scholars on topics relevant to the (academic) future paths of researchers in the early stage of their careers. The discussions covered aspects such as Women in Academia (Micki Chi, ASU), German University Careers (Wolfgang Gaissmaier, U Konstanz), Engaging in Interdisciplinary Research (Frank Fischer, LMU), Spotting important new ideas (Eileen Gambrill, UC Berkely), US University Careers (Kurt vanLehn, ASU), Networking (Rainer Bromme, U Münster), Choosing Career Paths (Simine Vazire, UC Davis), Careers at Universities of Applied Sciences (Birgit Dorner, KSH) and Building a Research Program (Beate Sodian, LMU).

We would like to thank all our Spring School participants for their contribution to the event and are looking forward to welcoming them again soon at the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences and the international doctoral school REASON!