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Reasoning with and about evidence: Contributions from developmental and educational psychology

Symposium at the 51st DGPs Congress in Frankfurt am Main


On behalf of the international doctoral school REASON, we are very happy to announce the symposium at the 51st DGPs Congress in Frankfurt am Main: 

Frankfurt 2018_8Reasoning with and about evidence: Contributions from developmental and educational psychology

chaired by Dr. Christopher Osterhaus and Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer and moderated by Prof. Dr. Robin Stark (Universität des Saarlandes)

Being able to interpret, integrate, and implement evidence into arguments and action is a key competence in knowledge societies. Whether or not people are proficient in their evidence skills is a question that is answered differently across distinct subdisciplines: Whereas developmental research finds early abilities and stresses the importance of children's cognitive development, research from educational psychology investigates more complex tasks, studying influencing factors such as reasoners' motivation to use evidence. This symposium asks whether these different views on evidence skills can be brought together.


  • Producing interpretable evidence: The development of Control of Variables Strategy abilities in preschoolers
    April Moeller
  • Learning to apply statistics knowledge: A replication study on the role of cognitive functions
    Sarah Bichler
  • Implementing evidence into professional action: Teacher educators’ knowledge, beliefs and attitudes toward the use of evidence-based practice
    Despoina Georgiou 
  • Interpreting covariation evidence: Strategies, conceptual understanding, and facilitating task characteristics
    Dr. Andrea Saffran 
  • Socio-scientific argumentation and evidence integration: A review of conceptualizations and measurements
    Olga Ioannidou
The full symposium abstract as well as the detailed descriptions of the presentations are available on the 51st DGPs Congress webpage.