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Application Guidelines

The REASON Winter School 2019 invites proposals for poster and paper presentations. All submissions should be completely anonymous. Please do not include your name in your abstract or the statement of motivation.  


PAPER PROPOSALS                    

Each session will comprise four paper presentations. Each paper presentation will be allocated 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The proposal should consist of:

  • Title and abstract of the paper (max. 500 words, excl. ref.)
  • 3 keywords
  • About three questions for discussion with the audience          


The proposal should consist of:

  • Title and abstract of the poster (max. 500 words, excl. ref.)                   
  • 3 keywords                                                                          

The accepted proposals will be thematically grouped by the scientific committee.


The proposals will be reviewed in terms of the relevance to the REASON Winter School 2019, significance for theory, research, and practice, the organization and internal logic, as well as overall quality. Below you can find the review criteria, as well as explanatory questions for each criterion.

Relevance to the Topic of the REASON Winter School 2019      

  • Is the topic relevant to the theme and topics of the current event?
Theoretical Framework/
  • Is the theoretical or practical foundation of the abstract clear and justified?
  • Are there previous publications and theories cited?
  • Is there a research gap which the study aims to address?

Clarity of Research Question(s)

  • Do research questions follow clearly from the theoretical framework?
  • Are the variables under investigation precisely stated?

Adequate Methodology & Analysis

  • Are the (planned) research design, instruments, and methods for analysis appropriately chosen?
  • Does the (planned) methodology fit to the type and aim of research question?

Results & Conclusions

  • Are the (expected) research results clearly described?
  • Are the conclusions and interpretations drawn in this study presented justified (i.e. by the data, results or examples)?

Implications/ Relevance

  • Does the research address relevant issues within the field or offer ideas for practice improvement?

Overall Clarity

  • Is the text written in a clear and coherent manner?

Proposals can only be submitted through the EasyChair application tool.