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EP2: REASON – Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation

REASON – Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation

The international doctoral school “Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation” (REASON) focuses on an essential topic for knowledge communities. In addition to its distinctive research topic, essential components of the REASON doctoral school are represented by its international profile and the participation of multiple disciplines. REASON is structurally supported by the doctoral program in the Learning Sciences.

Research within REASON has two main objectives: First, it aims at a theory-based analsis of competences for scientific reasoning and argumentation. Here, the aim is to contribute to an advancement of competence models related to scientific reasoning and argumentation. A special focus is put on the importance of emotional processes and collaborative aspects during scientific reasoning and argumentation. Second, REASON aims to advance scientific knowledge on effective interventions of scientific reasoning and argumentation competences in learners at various age levels, particularly at school and university level. In this context, REASON puts an emphasis on exploring the potential of technology-enhanced learning scenarios.

  • Principal Investigators: Fischer, F. (Speaker); Fischer, M.; Heene, M.; Hußmann, H.; Neuhaus, B.; Pekrun, R.; Sodian, B.; Ufer, S.; Prenzel, M.; Reiss, K.; Seidel, T.; Dorner, B.; Pankofer, S.; Bauer, J.; Kollar, I.; Strijbos, J.-W.
  • Funded by Elite Network of Bavaria